A source "radiant intensity" file (usually named with an .int file extension) is used to drive a user-defined source within a scene. To learn more about configuring a user-defined source, consult the manual on that subject.

Format Details

The file contains the source radiant intensity as a function of wavelength (in microns) in a simple, two column text file. The columns can be separated by any whitespace (spaces, tabs, etc.). The spectral samples must be ordered in increasing order. There are no minimum or maximum wavelength constraints on the data. The units of the radiant intensity values are Watts per steradian per micron.

Example File

0.400   0.000058
0.401   0.000060
0.402   0.000063
0.403   0.000065
0.404   0.000068
0.405   0.000069
[lines deleted for documentation purposes]
2.495   0.000047
2.496   0.000045
2.497   0.000043
2.498   0.000039
2.499   0.000037
2.500   0.000038
Note The spectral samples do not need to be on regular intervals.